Dell outs Latitude ST tablet

You won't see this Windows 7 tablet at Fight Club after work

We've just enjoyed two minutes of this work-hard, get-an-early-night advert for Dell's upcoming Windows 7 tablet – and now you can too. Let's face it, if Dell was your friend, it'd catch the last tube home. But who would you rely on to give that deathly boring presentation at work? That's right – Dell.

The hardware we're looking at is the 10in Latitude ST tablet with this Malaysian video – spotted by Notebook Italia – showing off its Intel Atom processor, two cameras, stylus, HDMI port and a compatible docking station.

Past leaks, like these insider company plans on Tablets Planet, suggest a 10in Windows 7 tablet from Dell rocking a 1.5Ghz Intel processor, 1366x768 HD display, 2GB of RAM and eight hours of battery life. So chances are the Latitude ST is this same leaked tab made public. But if you're waiting for Dell's shot at the entertainment hub crown, it's more likely to be a fun-loving Windows 8 slate next year.

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