Comics get their own section in Apple's iBookstore

Watch out Comixology – Apple has a marvel of an idea for owning the comics market

Apple's added a standalone comic book section to its iBookstore, adding a bit of geek chic credibility to its online library.

Comixology – the world’s biggest online comic book archive – had better watch out as Apple's muscling in on its patch – and it's got contacts.

The iBookstore's already sporting a selection of 80 Marvel titles, with Image's The Walking Dead another one of the hits being shown off. It’s surely only a matter of time before all the comic publishing giants have their titles sitting snug on an iBookstore shelf – we can only hope the truly creative smaller titles don’t get left behind.

So is this good or bad news? More competition can only serve to drive comic prices further down, which is good news for consumers – bad if you own a comic book shop, though.

Add the fact that we’ll have a Retina Display toting iPad 3 announced on March 7th to read our comics on, and all that's left to say is Shazam!

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