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This clever cable looks perfect for storage-starved smartphones

No SD card? No problem!

Seriously? A USB cable?

Yeah, we scoffed at first too. But after our iPhone ran out of room to install apps for what felt like the hundredth time, we thought it was time for another look.

But I’ve got a 128GB iPhone, so…?

Well bully for you, Mr or Mrs Moneybags – but not everyone’s got the cash to splash. Android phones lacking SD card slots get filled up fast too. Forget to back up those holiday snaps? You’re out of luck, amigo – unless you’ve been charging your phone with MEEM.

So what’s it doing to my phone, exactly?

Refuelling it, for a start – underneath all the circuits it’s a regular charging cable. Android owners get microUSB, and iPhones have Lightning. The clever stuff is app-controlled, automatically backup up photos, contacts, music and videos so you don’t have to think about it. The Android version gobbles up 16GB of data, and the iPhone cable takes 32GB.

Oh god, does that mean my special snapchats are up for grabs?

Nope, your secret sexting shame is safe – the cable pairs with your phone with a passcode, and won’t let anyone else get a cheeky peek without the right combination. Charging with one of these cables every night means you’ll never run out of room for bathroom mirror selfies (or whatever else you’re snapping).

That sure beats syncing to iTunes every day. When can I get one?

Storage-starved smartphone owners can bag an iPhone or Android Meem cable online. Pre-orders are open now at £40/£60, and should drop through your letterbox by the middle of June.