Christmas Gift Guide – money no object

Know any millionaires looking for a money-no-object Christmas present?

Need to find a present for the fellow millionaire in your life? Take a look at these exclusive options...

Replica Batmobile


A faithful reproduction of the firebreathing cheesemobile driven by Adam West in the '60s Batman series. "Robin, pass me the Shark Repellant Batspray!"


Grado PS1000


Sonic nirvana, pure and simple. If you love music like nothing else, this is the only way to feed it directly to your ears without waking the neighbours.


Bugatti Vera


Yes, a kettle. But you won't find a more gadgety, classy kettle than this. A timer means you can set it to boil at a certain time in the morning and to your choice of temperature.


Graf von Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2010


Every year, Graf von Faber Castell produces a limited-edition fountain pen using interesting alternative materials. For 2010, it was Caucasian walnut for the barrel and case-hardened metal. You're unlikely to spot another of these in the boardroom.


Artemide Tizio Micro


Set this design classic alongside an iMac for just about the prettiest desk set-up you'll ever see.




Fancy zorbing without the constant expense and adherence to safety rules? We don't necessarily agree with the latter, but we're with you on the former. Buy one of these to take advantage of the hillier parts of your country estate.


Pro-Ject RPM 10.1


Not ridiculous money by turntable standards, but a complete, synergised package of deck and arm. At this price, you'd normally have to buy an appropriate arm separately, based on years of experience and beard-scratching in hi-fi shops across the country.


Eames Chair


Everyone's seen the classic Eames chair - Frasier had one in his apartment, for starters - but have you clapped eyes on this stunning white-leather version? Along with the matching footstool, a thing of beauty.


Leica M9

£4950 (body only)

The digital descendant of the legendary Leica M3 camera, and it's a corker. Remember, that cost doesn't even include a lens.


Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Roue Carree


One of the most eye-catching watches of recent years, combining a classic case shape with the back-in-fashion regulator dial configuration - minutes on the main dial, hours on a subdials. But the unique approach is that the hour hand is a square cog... Awesome.

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