CES: Wowwee launches new army of robots

Robot maestro Wowwee has landed at CES and, my, has it brought an entourage – dozens of new remote control critters have hit the floor, includin

Admittedly, a few of them do look suspiciously similar to each other, but there are some intriguing newbies. Rovio (pictured) is the most serious of the bunch and comes with a webcam and GPS system, giving him the cat-like ability to find home no matter where he’s roamed. He also has Wi-Fi to let you control him from afar using your PSP or mobile.

Slightly less capable is Robosapien’s successor, the Tribot. This three-wheeled chap may lack Wi-Fi but does pack a Wii-esque tilt-sensitive controller and a raft of no-doubt hilarious jokes and stories.

He’s also finally got a female companion in FemiSapien, who users her tilt sensors to dance to music, and another three-wheeled chum called Mr. Personality, who has an LCD face onto which new expressions can be downloaded.

Wowwee has got animals on its mind too – lots of them. Wrex the Dawg is a guard dog with three different moods, the Flytech range now has a Butterfly and Mosquito (which appear to be identical apart from the paint job) and a new set of cuddly cubs (Alive Lion, Panda, Polar and White Tiger) have arrived to steal your robot-loving heart.

The Tribot and Mr.Personality aren’t due in the UK till the summer, but look out for a video preview of Wowwee’s new clan at CES on very soon.