CES: ION digitises your tapes, VHS and vinyl

Ion audio has unveiled a selection of new products aimed to help digitise your analogue media. Building on the success of the USB turntable, the comp

Top of my list is the LP Dock, a vinyl turntable that records direct to iPod without the need of a computer. Or it would be If I hadn't sold all my vinyl back in 1994, when I began my career as an early adopter by opting for Digital Compact Cassette. The LP dock (£129, due in UK in March) also features a USB output and line input so you can record any other audio source you like to iPod or PC.

LP2Flash is a similar idea which records direct to SD memory cards for use in phones and MP3 players.

Slightly less cool but no less useful are Tape2PC (£99, available imminently), a tape-to-tape drive with USB output and editing software for PC and Mac, and VHS2PC (£tba, due spring), a video digitiser. Both work as standard players as well as digitisers.

Ion is the consumer division of DJ specialists Numark, and also showed off the iCue desktop DJ mixing station and a bunch of electric drumkits.

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