Canon’s G10 gets on the HD bandwagon

With the awesome new EOS 5D and the killer Ixus 980 already thrown into the camera playpen, Canon has rolled up with another top snapper, the G10. And

Yep, you read that right. Canon is giving the likes of Samsung and Nikon some serious trouble with this new model, which can shoot HD at 30fps for half an hour.

Away from all that video goodness, you also get a 10MP sensor, Digic 4 processor and a 2.8in screen round the back with Live View.

Obviously this all comes at a price. £520 to us mere mortals when it rolls up later this month. Still, if you’re after a decent new peeper and don’t fancy the heft of the 5D, you could do a hell of a lot worse.

There’s a video review of the new EOS 5D coming, so while you wait check out our DSLR top ten.


Canon G10

Price £520

On sale: October

Contact: Canon