BT's broadcasting the Champions League final on YouTube for free

BT Sport showing the Europa League final for free too

Footie fans: you don’t need to worry about where to watch this year’s Champion’s League final - it’s being aired for free to UK viewers on YouTube.

When BT Sport nabbed the rights to show UEFA games from Sky and ITV last year, it agreed to show a handful of games (including the final) for free.

BT has settled on doing that through YouTube, meaning anyone that doesn't already subscribe will be able to tune in live. It's great news for Spanish football fans living in Blighty, especially those that don't fancy splashing out on a BT Sport subscription just to watch one (admittedly massive) game.

The final looks set to be a Madrid derby, with La Liga rivals Real and Atletico facing off on the 28th of May.


It’s the same deal for the Europa League final on the 18th, when Liverpool take on Sevilla in Switzerland.

Got a BT Sport subscription? Then you can tune in on TV as normal. Everyone else can watch on YouTube for free.

BT hasn't revealed whether the stream will simply be the BT Sport channel's live feed, or if it has something special planned for each game.

Either way, we're betting the YouTube stream will be stuck at 1080p - if you want to watch in glorious 4K, you'll have to fork out for BT Sport.