BT set to roll out 80Mbps fibre optic broadband this year

And ten million of us will get to go download crazy with those super speeds. We call shotgun.

We've been keeping an eye on BT's fibre optic broadband trials down in Cornwall and the telecoms giant has just sent out word that the not-so-secret guinea pigs are pretty happy with the next-gen download and upload speeds on offer.

And they've only been playing around with 40Mbps speeds – BT's also just confirmed that this Spring it's cranking plans to up to double that figure, 80Mbps, with rather tasty sounding 20Mbps upload speeds too.

More trials are set for the summer – pick me, pick me – and BT is still on track to cover two thirds of homes/businesses by 2014 in its quest to offer broadband of up to 300Mbps. So as we keep one eye on 4G, make sure not to forget your trusty home connection.

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