Blippar is first to bring real-time image recognition to Google Glass

Augmented reality app can unlock hidden content in ads and other images via Glass’ camera - welcome to the annotated world
Blippar first to bring true image recognition to Google Glass

Blippar has unveiled what seems to be the first true image recognition app for Google Glass.

Blippar’s mobile app (currently available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone) uses your smartphone’s camera to unlock “exclusive content” from images, adverts and even people, but with the version on Glass you won’t even need to pull out a mobile – Glass’ camera will automatically recognise Blippar-compatible images and objects as you look at them.

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You're in the future now

For better or worse, it’s all very Minority Report. Cutting out the smartphone step makes augmented reality all the more accessible to the average man or woman on the street (well, as long as they’re wearing Glass). It’s something that advertisers and marketing companies are sure to be looking at very excitedly.

Blippar CEO Rish Mitra said at the app’s launch: “Glass today can be likened to what mobile phones were in the early 90s. We at Blippar anticipate that if Glass reaches a couple million users in its first year of launch, it will be a good opportunity for us to develop in the space. We are investing in the potential of Glass.”

The app is currently being demo’d at MWC 2014, but should be available to Glass users in the near future.

[Blippar via TechCrunch]

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