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BlackBerry PlayBook more popular than the iPad? Yeah right

The PlayBook overtakes the iPad as the must-have tablet? That's a bit of a bold claim

If RIM had its way, the PlayBook would completely obliterate the iPad. But according to Brad Blake, MD of money-saving site ILoveCashback.com, BlackBerry’s tab has indeed superceded the iPad as the new must-have tablet. “The PlayBook is definitely moving ahead of the iPad,” he says. This is the moment the record scratches off and everyone looks around, slightly bewildered.

The bold claim comes from the site’s July statistics, which show the PlayBook is now attracting 22 per cent more searches than other tablets, including Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and, of course, Apple’s shiny slate.

However, a quick visit to Google Insights tells us those statistics are way off the reality mark. The iPad (red line, above) is tracking well above the PB (blue) on the world’s biggest search engine. Even a quick visit to eBay tells us the iPad is still winning in the popularity stakes compared to the PlayBook, with some sellers not even being able to shift it without drastically reducing the price. In fact, common sense tells us the iPad has remained the most popular tablet kid on the block ever since the dawn of its arrival.

The site also says “tablet” is the biggest search term on the site, the Xbox 360 is losing the battle against the PS3 and Kindle searches went up by 21 per cent. But with the huge question mark hovering over its Playbook stats, we’re going to take these facts and figures with an artery-jamming quantity of salt.


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