Best kitchen gadgets for Christmas 2012

Present a loved one with a cake and you may get one back, give them a baking app and you’ll eat cake all year long. Maybe

Death Star Ice Tray US$10 (£6.20)

What better way to foil the efforts of the Empire than to drown mini Death Stars, colder than Hoth itself, in your drink? Endless entertainment and the gift of geek cred – if you’re buying us something this Christmas this is at the top of our list.

QOOQ Cooking Tablet £290

The first tablet made just for the kitchen comes pre-loaded with 1000 multimedia recipes, ingredient fact sheets and meal planning tools – and additional recipes available to purchase from a catalogue of over 4000 offerings. Because everyone needs more calories at Christmas.

SousVide Supreme


Vacuum sealing food in a bag and cooking it in water at low temperatures for days? Yep – you can get all Heston with your turkey this Christmas, but you're on your own when it comes to the nitrogen-cooled redcurrant sorbet, jellied sprouts and atomised gravy.

PolyScience Smoking Gun


Smokers are big and smelly (and not just the fat bloke puffing away outside the pub). For a gift that adds wood smoked taste to a cocktail or steak, the Polyscience Smoking Gun is what you need.

FoodSaver V2860


Give the gift of time by making food last longer and reducing the number of mind-numbing shopping trips for 2013 with this FoodSaver. Plonk time sensitive munchies into a bag and suck all that evil air out, keeping whatever’s inside fresher for longer. It’ll even marinade meat in minutes using the same technique, and it’s much cheaper than a Tardis.

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