The best Home Cinema deals 2017 - June 2017

Upgrade your big-screen setup for less with these tasty deals, saving 33% with Sky Q today, £60 off Q Acoustics soundbar, and £230 off Panasonic 4K Blu-ray player

Still stuck with an ailing PS3 as your Blu-ray spinner? It might be time to upgrade your home cinema specs.

Worry not, though: nowadays, a quality film setup doesn't require stacks of cash or heaps of space.

Pair a good soundbar with a decent streamer, for example, and you'll have the perfect combo for a top telly experience.

Where to look for great savings on the best kit? Right here, obviously.

We've streamed, screamed and searched through all the offers, to bring you the best deals on home cinema gadgets.

Content streamers deals

Sky Q

Undoubtedly the best TV experience you can get, Sky Q offers a semless, neat and fluid viewing experience - not to mention 4K content. Yes, it's expensive and, yes, it's unnecessary for all but true telly addicts right now  - but it's still a flawless bit of unique kit.

Amazon Fire TV (2015)

A significant step up from the original Fire TV, this little black box is seriously smart. With 4K, greater speed and a lot more power, it's drawn first blood in the battle for next-gen streaming supremacy. Even if you own the original, this could be worth shelling out for.

Google Chromecast (2015)

It's not worth upgrading if you own the original, but Google's new Chromcast is a seriously brilliant and highly affordable device all the same. Fast, simple and cheap as chips, it's a cracking way to hop on the telly streaming train.

NowTV Smart Box

Ditch the dish: NowTV's got all the Sky channels you really want to watch. OK, so you're limited to 720p and you'll need need other boxes to get your Netflix and Amazon Prime Video fix - but with free-to-air TV and all four major catch-up channels, at this price it's a streaming steal.

Apple TV (2015)

Expensive compared to the competition, Apple's TV box remains a worthy purchase if you're already invested in the Cupertino ecosystem. It's usable, robust and responsive - if limited by Apple's restrictive platform.

Soundbars deals

Q Acoustics Media 4

The best-sounding, best-value soundbar that you can buy, Q Acoustics has made in the Media 4 a simple soundbar that does smooth and lively sound with aplomb. Sure, the package might be oddly-shaped, but you'll be too engrossed in its performance to notice.

Canton DM55

This soundbase is as practical as they come: compact, with room-filling sound and plenty of detail to keep you hooked, it's perfect for space-savers on a budget. Just make sure that your telly will fit on top.

Dali Kubik One

Dali's Kubik One is a stunner. It looks every bit the high-end lifestyle product - as it should, given the price tag. Thankfully, Dali also knows a thing or two about making speakers that sound good, meaning the Kubik One delivers wholly captivating sound. 

Blu-ray players

Panasonic DMP-UB900

Movies at home have never looked this good. Pair this Panasonic player with a top 4K telly for truly remarkable clarity and contrast. Quite simply, it's a running leap ahead of anything else availble. It's not the cheapest but, if you care about how your films look, it's the way to go.