The Beoplay H9 headphones cancel out all the bad noises

Enjoy your silent nights with noise cancelling magic

These look suspiciously similar to the Beoplay H8 headphones…

This pair of B&O cans might look identical to the excellent H8s, but delve deeper and you'll realise that the H9s are more like the new, improved, younger sibling. While not much has changed in appearance, the DNA has been tweaked to add hybrid Active Noise Cancellation. In fact, these are the first Beoplay headphones to feature the tech.

Sounds fancy, but what does it actually do?

Turns out that the fancy pants name is justified by the clever clogs tech. Microphones on the inside and out of the ear cushions capture unwanted sound, which is then cancelled-out by a reverse signal. For those of you who don’t talk robot, this noise cancelling magic means that you can listen to your music in peace, without the disruption of your colleagues’ tedious chit-chat.

That’s cool, but surely the extra microphones will suck the battery dry?

You’d think so, yet the H9s can handle 14 hours of non-stop, wireless, noise-cancelling music. If you want to block out the world for longer (and who could blame you given the current state of things) you can easily swap out the battery or just plug in a standard audio cable. And you won’t need to be concerned about your ears getting sore during your epic listening session, thanks to lambskin-coated ear cushions.

Noise cancelling and comfort. Is that all?

You want the moon on a stick, don't you? You might actually get it with these headphones, too, as on top of the noise-cancelling and cosseting cups you get a stylish design in either black or argilla grey (yeah, looks like cream to me, too), plus B&O's legendary sound quality.

Still not enough for you to justify the £449 outlay? How about a little special sauce in the form of a touch interface on the side of the headphones? This allow you to activate the noise cancellation function, pause or skip tracks, change the volume and answer calls, all without having to dig your phone from your crowded pocket or do anything quite so old-fashioned as press a physical button.

Your phone will still come in handy though, as the Beoplay app also lets you personalise your experience. Fiddle with the audio settings or use one of the sound profiles created by B&O: Commute, Clear, Workout and Podcast. The headphones are available now in Bang & Olufsen stores, so if you’re looking to drown out the world, the H9 could be a good bet.

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