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Beats Mixr headphones by Dr Dre and David Guetta channel your inner DJ

David Guetta embarks on a collaboration with the king of chronic for a new set of cans

If the tech industry was a school playground, Dr Dre would be the coolest kid around, with all the other kids vying to be in his popular clique. The newest member of the entourage is David Guetta, collaborator with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Rihanna to Akon. Not content with conquering the club scene and breaking out to rule the pop charts, his latest musical pairing is with the king of chronic himself, Dr Dre. But instead of making sweet sweet music together, they’ve gone halfsies on an awesome looking pair of ‘phones, dubbed Beats Mixr. 

Using Beats’s tried and tested audio engineering, the Mixrs aim to deliver “unparalleled sound innovation to DJs across the globe.” No prizes for who these are aimed at, then? But don’t feel ostracized if your turntablism is as shoddy as a tone deaf X Factor auditionee. You can still treat your lugholes to superb, studio-quality sound that’s flexible enough to withstand even the most intense DJ sets. Lightweight and loud, the Beats Mixr headphones will be available in the UK in October in either black or white, with a gloss or matt finish for a wallet-stretching £250. Well, what did you expect? A free invite to the Beats by Dre gang?


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