Bean spill alert: iPhone 6 specs potentially leak ahead of launch

Tim Cook's yet to take the stage, but we could already have the full low-down on the next iPhone
Bean spill alert: 4.7in iPhone 6 specs leak ahead of launch?

Apple's iPhone 6 launch event kicks off later today, but we might already know what words will grace tonight's iTeleprompter as specs for the 4.7in model have leaked ahead of time.

Carrier China Mobile has outed the specs, most of which fall in line with past rumours, including a quad-core A8 processor and 1134 x 750 screen.

Although the display is listed as sapphire glass, we think it's more likely to have a sapphire coating for increased resistance as opposed to being a full slab of the super-hard material.

Pure sapphire is rather pricey, and gracing each and every iPhone with a solid sapphire screen will be a bill too large for even Apple to comfortably sign off.

An 8MP camera is also on the cards along with a front-facing 2.1MP affair and, of course, iOS 8 will be raring to go straight out of the box.

16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options will also apparently be available, and the gold, white and black models will all apparently measure in at 7mm.

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Oddly enough, the specs also mention water and dust-proof powers, which isn't a rumour we've seen spring up very often, so we're still taking everything with a healthy dose of salt.

Specs for the more mysterious larger 5.5in iPhone phablet are no where to be found, suggesting a later release date. Or maybe the internet's been lying the whole time and it doesn't exist. We've been heart-broken before, after all.

Stay tuned later on this evening, where we can finally ditch rumours for facts, swap leaked photos for hands-on pics, and switch from healthy salads to greasy pizzas and energy drinks in an attempt to keep up with the whirlwind of announcements.

See you at 6pm BST.

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