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Bang & Olufsen launches BeoLab 12-1 speakers

Sleek design meets audiophile performance as B&O launch its latest pair of wall hugging sound blasters

Bang & Olufsen has revealed a pair of rear Beolab 12-1 speakers which are designed to complete existing surround sound setups.

Wall-huggingly discreet but still powerful, you also have the option of having them mounted on a stand if you don’t fancy drilling any holes in your living room.

Available in silver or white and featuring the same separate ICEpower amplifiers found in its existing 12-3 and 12-2 predecessors, the last piece in your fully kitted out B&O setup can now be complete. You lucky person you.

There’s no price or specific release date mentioned as of yet, but you can bet they’ll cost you a pretty (or very handsome) penny or two.

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