Audi R8 e-tron gets digital rear-view mirror

Audi's new electric motor is the first production car to feature digital camera instead of mirror

Parking cameras have been a feature of cars for a while now, but Audi's taken the idea a stage further with its R8 e-tron – it's ditching the rear-view mirror entirely in favour of a digital mirror.

The supercar doesn't have a rear window to improve its aerodynamic profile – so it can't use a standard mirror. Instead, pictures from a lightweight camera mounted on the rear of the car are fed to a 7.7in Samsung-built AMOLED screen.

Although the Le Mans R18 e-tron features the same tech  – Allan McNish talks to about some of its bells and whistles here – the R8 e-tron is the first production car to replace the conventional rear-view mirror with a digital version. Down the line, it could include some interesting extra features – like augmented reality overlays showing the speed of following cars, for example.

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