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Asus Transformer All-in-One pairs a tablet with a desktop

It’s a Windows 8 desktop PC one minute, an 18.4in Android tablet the next

Asus has brought its Transformer concept to the desktop with the Transformer All-in-One, which can convert from an iMac-style one-piece PC to a tablet faster than you can say “Asus Transformer All-in-One”.

The PC portion of the Transformer AiO runs Windows 8, powered by an Intel Core processor and Nvidia GeForce GT730M graphics card. The 18.4in 1080p screen is actually a tablet, of course, and detaches to become a standalone Android 4.1 tablet; it’s powered by its own Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

18.4 inches is big for a tablet. Very big. Some might say too big. But we must admit we quite like the idea of it here: it’s a screen for the Windows 8 PC most of the time, but when you want to watch a video in bed you can simply take it with you.

Asus hasn’t revealed a price for the Transformer AiO yet, but says it will be out in the first quarter of this year, so we should know within the next week or two.

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