Asus planning dual-screened colour ereader?

Asus has confirmed it is to add its two pence to the ereader market before the end of the year, with not just one, but two new models.Asus has said it

Asus has said it plans to "shake up" the ereader market in a similar way to when it championed the first netbook, with Asus president Jerry Shen, promising the company's ereader will be more clever and versatile than the likes of the Sony Reader or the Kindle.

The two versions are thought to be premium and a budget options, with the pricier choice set to follow the lead of a prototype developed earlier this year.

This is rumoured to be a dual-screened ereader with a hinged spine so users will read an ebook in a similar way to reading a normal book – and even allowing one screen to become a virtual keyboard, turning the ereader into a netbook.

It's also thought that these screens would drop monochrome in preference of full colour, and that the device could include speakers, a webcam and microphone for Skype.

The budget version on the other hand, is thought will have less flashy specs and concentrate on getting the price down to around the £100 – around £90 less than its rival, Cool-er reader.

It certainly sounds promising, and with any luck we'll be hearing more news trickle through over the next few weeks. We'll of course keep you updated, but until then be sure to check out our ereader group test let us know what you think below – would you buy an ereader?

Via: The Times