Asus Eee PC 900 to sport multi-touch

There’s been some good news and bad news from Asus this morning. What’s that, you want the good first? Very well – we’ve got t

That’s right, the 8.9in mini lappy – which will be available in both XP and Linux flavours from the end of April – will let you pinch and pull your fingers apart to zoom, just like the MacBook Air and Pro. In the Linux version this means it’ll be gesture playtime in everything from OpenOffice to Adobe Reader and Photomanager.

The 900 will be the same size as the 7in 701, but will have a bigger hard-drive than we previously thought – it’ll be somewhere between 16GB and 20GB. The Big Eee will also have a better 1.3MP webcam and, although not official, the price should be around a very reasonable £300.

So, what’s the bad news? Well, it seems the mooted touchscreen EeePC that got us so excited last week is further off than we hoped. Asus says it is in development, but is unlikely to reach us by June. Still, with the multi-touch Eee PC 900 and forthcoming E-DT desktop to keep us distracted, we’ll barely notice.


Asus EeePC 900

Price: £300

On sale: end of April

Contact: Asus