Archos 2 Vision MP3 player makes a quiet debut

Following on from the Archos 2 which made its UK debut in May this year, the new Archos 2 Vision has made a rather subtle entry to the market after sh

With a similar 1.8-inch screen to its predecessor, the credit card-sized MP3 player replaces hard buttons with a touch scroller for moving through the menus, and for volume control.

The Vision will also feature an FM tuner, voice recorder, and microSD slot, and has the expected support for MP3 and WMA audio, and AVI video.

However, the let down on this miniature MP3 player is its battery life, promising only 10 hours for audio while Apple's Nano offers up to 24. They both level out on the video playback at 4 hours.

If the Archos 2 Vision sounds like it will meet your needs, you can pick it up now for £59.99 for the 8GB version or around £99.99 for the 16GB.

For an idea of what Archose are capable of, check out what we thought of the Archos 5 internet tablet last year, and let us know if you think its mini MP3 has done enough to rival the big boys on the market.

Via: Engadget