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When it comes to spring cleaning Stuff Towers, we'll look for any gadget that can make the job easier. So while we sent a squadron of Roombas off to clean the carpets, our quest to find a drone that'd reach the corners our feather duster can't wasn't so successful.

We did, however, find one that can film in 4K, one that'll follow you like a flying dog, one that can form part of a huge swarm, one that can perform fly-by seed planting and one that doesn't fly at all.

Back on terra firma six members of the Stuff team have picked out their choice of watch that'll do just enough of the new, and just enough of the old, while making everyone envious all at the same time. They're not really smartwatches, but they’re certainly clever.

If you're one of those people who, when confronted with a microscope, has the urge to pull out one of your hairs and inspect it as closely as you can, this month's Supergeek is just for you. Microscope maven and real-life doctor Jamie Condliffe has selected three 'scopes that’ll let you get up close and personal with, well, whatever you can find that’ll fit under the lens.

We also take a look at the world’s techiest buildings, including the new Spaceport America in New Mexico that’s set to be the departure lounge for space tourism, while Stuff editor Will Dunn ventured seven stories below the surface of London to come face-to-face with the monstrous drilling machines being used to make Crossrail’s new railway tunnels.

Between the covers you’ll also find our pick of the best check shirts, six ways to upgrade your kitesurfing setup, tips to supercharge your Netflix account, plus our famous Top 10s.

It’s all in the April issue of Stuff magazine, which you can get your grubby little hands on simply by heading down to your local newsagent, pointing your web browser at newsstand.co.uk/stuff, or firing up Newsstand on your iPad.

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