Apple's NFC patent could turn your iPhone into the ultimate all-in-one controller

Console? Camera? Sprinkler system? If Apple's patent makes it to fruition then your iPhone could control all these things and more

Hot on the heels of Apple's iGlasses patent comes another glimpse into the Cupertino tech giant's crystal ball – an NFC-infused iPhone which can connect to a multitude of devices and become a powerful controller.

The patent – which is excitingly titled as 'System and Method for Simplified Control of Electronic Devices' – involves an NFC chip embedded within a future iPhone which will enable it to control any RFID enabled device with a simple tap.

Imagine tapping your iPhone against a camera and turning it into a remote shutter, or controlling your automated home from the comfort of your sofa. Sounds nice doesn't it?

The proposed system will also handily work in reverse. Tap the iPhone against a compatible games controller for example, and you can then use it to play iOS games with actual buttons and Joysticks – a godsend for those of you who think that Apple needs to up its game in the controller department.

An iPhone as a controller for the Apple iTV (which is likely to be US-only at launch) is also a likely use of the NFC technology – and we certainly wouldn't be complaining if these features made their way into the iPhone 5.

[FreePatentsOnline via MCV]

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