Apple Watch may soon be available for in-store pickup

Online-only ordering might be on the way out, if Apple Store site changes are any indication

Sure, you can go into an Apple Store and try on the Apple Watch, but there's no current way to buy one at the physical retail locations - or even order one for in-store pickup. However, it may not be long before that's a reality.

9to5Mac spotted changes to the Apple Store website that indicate that in-store pickup is on the horizon for the wearable device. The option to choose local pickup was still greyed out in the instances shown, but at least Apple seems to be working on the option.

Granted, there are still a lot of people who placed online orders - some dating back to the wee early hours of 10 April, when pre-orders began - who are still waiting for the Apple Watch to arrive. We imagine those people might not be too keen on seeing newcomers places orders and pick up devices right away.

Perhaps Apple isn't quite ready to flip the switch yet, as it would make sense to ensure that existing orders are all fulfilled before opening up another purchasing route for the Apple Watch. And last we heard, production issues with the Taptic Engine at one of two suppliers were potentially contributing to delivery delays.

Whatever the case, it's clear that there's still significant demand for the Apple Watch, which earned a strong five-star review from us. Hopefully production will pick up at a pace that allows wider sales and makes waiting less of a concern.

[Source: 9to5Mac]