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Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals in the UK and US: save up to $160/£70

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Forget smartwatches, Apple Watch is one of the most popular watches, hands-down. And for good reason too – it blows all other smartwatches out of the water. Slapping one of these bad boys to your wrist brings a lot of benefits: notifications, health tracking, and even emergency features. But the price tag can be a little off-putting, with the high-end Apple Watch Ultra costing as much as an iPhone.

Luckily, there are a whole bunch of Apple Watch deals this Cyber Monday across both the UK and the US. You could save up to $160/£70 when shopping for a new smartwatch from various retailers over the savings event. Strap in, we’ve got a few to wrangle through.

Apple Watch SE (1st gen) – now $149/£219

Apple’s cheapest smartwatch model – the first-gen Apple Watch SE – is even cheaper this Cyber Monday. Thanks to a showstopper of a deal from Walmart, you can bag the smartwatch for just $149 – that’s an impressive $130 off. While the savings aren’t quite as good across the pond, Brits can save £20 on the device, with a price of just £219 on Amazon. These lower price tags make for a seriously tempting entry point for Apple Watch.

While the cheapest model available, the Apple Watch SE isn’t shy on features. It packs an 18-hour battery life, that’ll keep you going for at least a day. Water resistance, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking make it a perfect fitness companion as well. Plus, you’ll get all your notifications right on your wrist. We gave the wearable a superb four stars out of five in our review.

Apple Watch SE (2nd gen) – now $229/£249

If you’re looking for a newer version of Apple’s budget smartwatch, you can pick up the second-gen Apple Watch SE with some tasty discounts as well. Best Buy is offering the device for $229 – $20 off the regular price of the watch. And here in the UK, you’ll find it for £10 off on Amazon, at £249. While these savings aren’t quite as good, you’re getting a device released in 2022 instead of 2020.

This second-gen Apple Watch SE carries over the same features from the first-gen device. However, you’ll find a newer screen, a bigger battery, and a few extra health-tracking sensors. Since the device is from this year, you’ll also be covered for even longer on watchOS software updates.

Apple Watch Series 7 – now $339/£299

While this year’s Apple Watch Series 8 is still fresh off the block, last year’s Series 7 is not one to be snuffed at. Especially this Cyber Monday, when you can score serious money off the smartwatch. In the UK, Amazon is offering the 41mm Series 7 for just £299 in the (Product)Red. While in the US, you can find the 41mm Series 7 in Green for $339 at Best Buy. These are some serious savings on a device that’s just a year old!

The Series 7 comes with most of the same features as the newer Series 8. Alongside the heart rate monitor, you’ll find a blood oxygen sensor and ECG sensor. It boasts an always-on display, with fast-charging and all-day battery life. It was the first Apple Watch to feature the larger screen, and is also extra durable. Of course, you’ll still get all the workout tracking you could need, water resistance, and notifications. We gave the Series 7 five stars out of five in our review.

Apple Watch Series 8 – now $349/£399

If you’d rather grab the latest model instead, there are deals to be had on the Apple Watch Series 8 as well. Over in the US, Best Buy is offering the 41mm model for just $349 – which is $50 off the RRP. And here in the UK, you can find the 41mm model for £399 on Amazon, which is £20 off the usual ticket. These savings aren’t quite as big, but that’s to be expected on such a new device.

This year’s new watch packs in a few smaller changes. You’ll find a new temperature sensor for menstrual health tracking, new emergency features, a larger battery, and a slightly brighter screen. It’s not the biggest update we’ve ever seen, but it is the latest and greatest standard model. It managed to score four stars out of five in our review. Our biggest criticism? Not enough new features for the price!

Apple Watch Ultra – now $729/£819

And finally, we have Apple’s most premium smartwatch available – the Apple Watch Ultra. New in 2022, this high-end model packs in new features and sports a fresh design. And this Cyber Monday, you can grab it for less! In the US, Best Buy is offering the watch for $739 – a rather tidy saving of $60. And here in the UK, you can pick the Ultra model up for £819 at Amazon – a tasty £30 off the usual ticket. For a brand-new device, these are some rather decent savings to get at.

For such a high price tag, what does the Apple Watch Ultra bring to the table? For starters, you’ll find an all-new rugged design, with a larger flat screen at 49mm. When we say this thing is durable, we mean seriously durable. There’s a new customisable button for shortcuts, alongside a redesigned speaker grill and extra mics.

It packs the same emergency features from the Series 8 (with an added siren), as well as the temperature tracking. Plus, it can detect water temperature during dives. Kitted out with a new GPS system as well, it’s a true adventurer’s watch. We scored it four stars out of five in our review.

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