Apple unveils cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c, brings back the iPad 4 and finally kills off the iPad 2

It's been a busy week of firing and hiring at Cupertino as Apple puts the long-serving iPad 2 out to pasture
Apple unveils cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c, brings back the iPad 4 and kills off the iP

While we expected Apple to reveal a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c today, it's also thrown up a few surprises by resurrecting the iPad 4 and retiring the veteran iPad 2.

The 8GB iPhone 5c has received a £50 price drop and now costs £430, or free on a new contract with O2.

The move is an attempt to bolster iPhone 5c sales, which have been rumoured to be struggling, at least by Apple's lofty standards.

While the iPhone 5s is an excellent device and has sold by the tens of millions, the lower-specced iPhone 5c has struggled to make as big a splash, with the 5s outselling the 5c by 4:1.

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We would have preferred a price reduction on the existing 16GB model, given that 8GB on a device without an microSD will get filled up in no time with media and apps.

The price difference between 8GB and 16GB of flash storage for Apple is also negligible, and keeping a cheaper 16GB model would, in our opinion, have been the better decision, especially when you can pick up the super-specced 32GB Nexus 5 for £340. That makes the 8GB iPhone 5c look very pricey indeed.

As for the iPad 2 - it's been put out to pasture after three years of faithful service, while the iPad 4 makes its triumphant return in a 16GB-only flavour, along with the newer Lightning port.

The Wi-Fi model of the iPad 4 will set you back £330, while the Cellular version will add another £100 to the price tag. That's good value in our book - we'd still take an iPad 4 over any similarly priced Android tablet, and although it's fatter and less 64-bit than the iPad Air, its screen is every bit as impressive.

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