Apple TV – the story so far

Apple’s aiming for the heart of the living room with a rumoured super TV – here’s what we know so far

Apple TV – what we expect right now

Apple’s first television will come in three sizes one of which will be a 50in Apple TV. All will be super high definition Retina Displays manufactured by Sharp. They will have Siri built-in for voice controls and will come sporting apps as well as an iOS layout. Apple is bidding on its own content including Premier League games. The Apple TV will be designed by king of designers (Sir) Jonathan Ive himself.

Apple TV – January rumours

The Apple TV is coming in a 50in size as designed by genius Jonathan Ive. And on that TV will be exclusive content like Premier League football, which Apple is currently bidding for against Sky and BBC. There’s even the possibility of an Apple OS capable of running apps at high resolution.

Apple TV – December rumours

This is the month that Apple TV plans properly leak. They reveal that Apple TV will come in three sizes. We are led to believe Apple TV could launch for Christmas 2012.

Apple TV – November rumours

Sharp will be manufacturers of super high resolution LCD displays for both the iPad 3 and Apple TVs. With that comes more news of Siri as the Apple TV voice controller.