Apple March 2016 event liveblog

iPhone SE, iPad Pro 9.7 and maybe a few surprises too

Apple's next big launch event has been and gone, and we're got all the news.

We were expecting the iPhone SE, the smaller iPhone that'll finally silence the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus haters, plus a 9.7in iPad Pro - all the power but in a more manageable size. Apple didn't disappoint, either.

Apple streamed everything live on its website.  As with all Apple streams, you could tune in on OS X and iOS using Safari, or through an Apple TV media streamer. Windows users didn’t need to miss out either - the stream plays nicely with Microsoft’s Edge browser.

You didn't need to go anywhere to get the juicy details, though: we live-blogged the whole thing, starting as soon as it kicked off tonight at 5PM GMT (6PM CET, 10AM PDT).

We've embedded the whole thing below, so you can see how it all unfolded, or you can check out the details in our more comprehensive write-up.

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As a tantalisingly tasty starter, here's our prediction-heavy preview of the event:
So what will Apple be launching next week?Apple wants to loop you in on March 21 at 5pm GMT. At that time, it will announce new and shiny things that your brain will immediately crave while your bank balance screams for mercy. If the rumour mill's correct, this event will mostly be Apple doing a handbrake turn on device sizes.
It'll kick off at 5pm GMT today, but we'll be bringing you all the latest news and rumours in here before then.
Hello and welcome to Stuff's liveblog of Apple's event today.