Apple iTV is being tested already

The prototype TVs from Apple are already among us. So close, yet so far

The Apple iTV has escaped laboratory confinements and is being tested by carrier partners right now, claims Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail.

The iTV, which may look like a giant iPad, will offer all the functionality of its tablet sibling. Apple's TV is said to be killing off the remote control with Siri-style voice commands (though we still don't understand what happens when someone in a movie shouts "Stop!") and gesture recognition to help you navigate – much like the Samsung ES8000 LED TV announced at CES. The iTV should also offer web browsing, iOS app support and possibly Apple’s new channel subscription service.

At the moment two units are being tested in Canada, so says our Canadian report. With that in mind, we'd expect to see the device announced later this year with a release before Christmas. The price? We don’t even want to think about, though we're hoping Apple will sell it at cost in the hope of recouping profits through iTunes movie and TV rentals and sales.

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