Apple iPhone 6: the best contract deals

We've rounded up some of the best deals around, ahead of the big 19 September launch
Apple iPhone 6: the best deals

The iPhone 6 is upon us, and there are tonnes of gadgeteers looking to snap one up as an upgrade to their 4 or 5s, or (shock horror), as an alternative to their Android companion.

It's all too easy to get lost in the hundreds of tariffs out there, so we've rounded up some of the best ones from all four major UK networks.

All prices shown are for two year contracts with unlimited texts and minutes, unless stated otherwise.

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Apple iPhone 6: the best deals


If you're not fussed about 4G speeds and aren't a data guzzler then Vodafone's 1GB data plan is one of the cheapest iPhone 6 contracts around. You can go even cheaper if you opt for a 500MB data plan of course, but we think 1GB should be around the bare minimum for most users.

2GB of monthly data pushes the price up a bit, but the handset itself is still a reasonable £50, for the 16GB version at least. Once the data/storage capacity creeps up however, things get substantially pricier. And that's true for all networks.

Things get a little pricier above 4GB of 4G data a month, but you can grab a 10GB data plan for £48.50 along with a free 16GB iPhone 6 if you trade in your existing device. That also includes six months of Netflix and either Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile TV.

There's no trade-in discount available for the higher capacity models mind, so the 10GB plan jumps up to £58.50 

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Apple iPhone 6: the best deals

O2's offering the 16GB variant for free with 5GB of data, though you'll have to fork out nearly £50 a month.

Spend £80 for the phone itself and that monthly cost drops down to £43, saving you £60 a year.

If 16GB isn't quite enough for you then you can splash out £70 for the 64GB version, on a £48 a month contract. 

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Apple iPhone 6: the best deals

The cheapest you can get an iPhone 6 on EE is a £41 a month contract, which serves up 2GB of data and a one-off handset cost of £100.

If you want to opt for EE's even faster 4G speeds then there's the slightly more expensive 4GB data option, with the same handset price.

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Apple iPhone 6: the best deals

Three's known for its all-you-can-eat unlimited data plans, and the cheapest one it offers is £46 a month for the 16GB iPhone 6, with a one-off cost of £100 for the device itself.

There's also the option to buy the iPhone 6 SIM-free, which works out cheaper in the long run. The cheapest Three contract for a 16GB iPhone 6 will cost £1,011 in total (including the one-off device cost itself). If you buy an iPhone 6 directly from Apple for £540 and take out Three's £18 a month unlimited data contract for two years, that's a total cost of around £970.

Of course, you're splashing out more than £500 in one go with the second option, so it's all about finding the best balance for you. 

Prices will also go down as they always do, and if you're still running a 5s there's plenty of reasons to opt for that too, especially as we expect its contract prices to drop once the iPhone 6 is released.

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