Apple iPhone 3GS will be discontinued in March

Looks like the iPhone 3GS has become a little too long in the tooth, as Orange sets to retire one of Apple's best selling phones

Apple’s iPhone 3GS is still available to snap up amidst the current crop of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 handsets, but according to Pocketnow, Orange has listed the iPhone 3GS as an ‘end of life device,’ with the venerable phone set to bow out in March.

Having shifted 1 million iPhone 3GS handsets in its first three days on sale, Apple will be more than happy with the performance of its aging handset.

But with the iPhone 4S on the shelves and iPhone 5 rumours saturating the interwebs, it was only a matter of time before the 3GS joined its 3G predecessor in the great Apple cemetery in the sky.

If the rumours are true, you may want to snap up an iPhone 3GS on the cheap in the next few months – and join us in saluting the services of yet another faithful pocketable companion.

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