Apple iPad 3 could be called the iPad HD

Could the latest version of Apple's iSlate be ditching the numbers for a whole new moniker?

The long-rumoured retina display-toting iPad 3 could in fact be called the iPad HD, if allegedly leaked accessory part listings from Griffin and Belkin dug up by Gizmodo are to be believed.

Apple's next generation retina display is expected to sport a 1080p-trouncing 2048x1536 resolution, which would more than justify the rumoured Apple iPad HD name change.

Rumours of an 7.85in iPad Mini have also been making the rounds, so the possibility of an iPad Mini HD label is also on the cards.

As always, we recommend taking such speculation with a pinch of salt as nothing will be certain until the dust has cleared on March 7, the date of Apple's iPad 3 launch event. Or should that be iPad HD event now?

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