Apple has started to make its own music videos

Could this be the start of an Apple vs Netflix battle?

It turns out that some of Apple Music's exclusive videos were actually made by Apple, demonstrating the tech giant's ambition to set itself apart from the competition.

Pitchfork reports Apple was behind Drake's Energy video, as well as Pharell's Freedom and Eminem's Phenomenal.

M.I.A and her Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than a Border video is also apparently cooked up by Apple, and other artists apparently already in the works include Purity Ring, Diddy, and James Bay.

Instead of denying or confirming its push towards making its own content, Larry Jackson (Apple Music's head of content) instead sent a cheeky Tweet, which all but confirms that the report is true.

While its adds another string to Apple's bow against music streaming rivals Spotify and Tidal, it could also pave the way for Apple-made iTunes-exclusive TV shows, which will undoubtedly pull in even more subscribers.

If that day ever comes, we can add Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to Apple's ever-growing list of rivals.