Amazon's Fire HD 8 Tablet range is up for pre-order right now!

Pass those hours indoors with Amazon's latest Fire HD 8 tablets - available for pre-order right now!

Amazon is back with the all-new Fire HD 8 tablets - perfect timing to keep the whole family entertained while indoors.

The first of the range is their entry-level Fire HD 8. If the cost of that iPad is a little too far out of your range, you're best off avoiding those other cheap Android tablets. They all pale in comparison to what Amazon is able to do - especially at under £100! All-day battery, plenty of RAM and a healthy app market place for all your content consumption needs.

Buy the Fire HD 8 here from £89.99

Want to get something a little faster and with some extra goodies? The Fire HD 8 Plus is the way to go - including a faster experience with more RAM and wireless charging, which doubles as a nice watching stand on the bedside table. All with the same all-day battery.

Buy the Fire HD 8 Plus from £109.99

Oh, and for the kids, Amazon have made the Fire HD 8 Kids edition. This is not just for the little ones though - it's the fully-featured tablet (not a toy) with a case purpose built for small hands. Plus, the 1-year subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited apps, games and videos makes this the perfect distraction tools for those moments the family life gets pretty unruly!

Buy the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition here for £139.99