Amazon now takes 20% off new video games for Prime members

It's only in the U.S. for now, but talk about an alluring perk

It's a good day for people who buy a lot of video games: first EA launches its Origin Access all-you-can-play subscription plan on PC, and now Amazon has decided to take 20% off all just-released or pre-ordered physical video games for Prime members.

That's right: Amazon Prime members will now see an automatic 20% discount on physical games that are pre-ordered (like Uncharted 4 here) or purchased within two weeks after its release date. The discount is applied during checkout, and it's taken off the list price - so if Amazon already knocked a couple bucks off for regular buyers, your discount will come from the starting price instead.

Still, if we're talking about a US$60 PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game, it'll be US$48 instead - for anyone who relies on Amazon to have new releases delivered throughout the year, that could add up very quickly. But as far as we can tell, it's only available in the United States for now. Here's hoping it comes to the UK and elsewhere before long.

Amazon is already very competitive with game prices, typically shedding a few dollars off of the list price, reimbursing pre-orderers when a price drops after an order is placed, and matching major discounts from rival retailers. Still, this new permanent addition to Prime is a step above - and surely an attempt to counter Best Buy's own Games Club Unlocked subscription plan.

Granted, you'll need an active Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of the offer, and that'll set you back US$100 a year. But given everything that comes with it - free two-day shipping, Prime Instant Video, and an ever-expanding array of other perks and discounts - Prime only seems more and more worthwhile by the week for regular shoppers.

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[Source: Polygon]