Amazon launches cheap as chips Kindle

Amazon has spoken: cheap ereaders for all

Four years ago Amazon set out to change the face of books as we know it. Four years later its the most popular electronic book on the planet. Take that naysayers. Having already announced Kindle Touch and Touch 3G and setting the tech world alight with news of its Kindle Fire tablet, you've got to spare a thought for those who aren't interested in prodding their literary content.

Amazon hasn't left them out in the cold, providing an £89 Kindle in its new lineup. This isn't just a case of the Kindle 3 getting its price slashed, this is a completely new breed of Kindle that's 18 per cent smaller and 30 per cent lighter than the current Kindle. It still packs a 6in screen and boasts faster page turns.

There's no keyboard or X-Ray feature (as seen in the Kindle Touch), but for that price you won't hear us complaining. Instead, a multi-way controller sits at the bottom of the device for navigation. There's 2GB of storage – so you're looking at around 1,500 books – and a claimed battery life of up to one month with the wireless switched off.

Want in? You can pre-order it now for £89 before the 12th October release.


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