Amazon Coyote and Hollywood tablets prepare for duty

The Hollywood and Coyote tablets, rumoured for a pre-Christmas release, will be getting Nvidia's Tegra 3 quad-core backing

Think books, music, films. Who do you think of? Apple? Or Amazon? Increasingly, people think of Apple, but only because – books on the Kindle aside – it has the best stuff for listening and watching in the iPod (even as an app on the iPhone) and iPad. Which leaves Amazon with books, where the company started out. But Amazon wants a slice of the digital music and movie pie, too. It even, with the Amazon Android Appstore wants the app cherry on top. But where’s the tablet to put it all on? Coming soon, if rumours are to be believed. Expect to see  an entry-level Amazon Coyote tablet before Christmas with Nvidia Tegra 2 guts. More excitingly, the Amazon Hollywood model is said to be arriving with the as-yet-unannounced Tegra 3 quad-core platform – making it five times faster than the Tegra 2. E Ink and Epson are teaming up to create a super hi-res screen that could mean this tablet (rumoured to be made by Samsung) sports an innovative hybrid display too.


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