Is Amazon about to take on Apple TV with its own set-top box?

Report claims the company may be launching its web TV streaming device as early as March
Is Amazon about to take on Apple TV with its own set-top box?
Amazon is poised to launch a set-top box to compete with the likes of the Apple TV and Google Chromecast, according to a report.

Citing “industry sources”, Re/code claims that Amazon’s box will run on Android (most likely a forked version of the OS, as on the Kindle Fire tablet) and allow users to stream Amazon’s web video content on their TVs (Amazon owns Lovefilm, which presumably means Lovefilm Instant’s library would be on tap if the box were launched in the UK). Third-party content outlets like Hulu, HBO and YouTube could make their movies and TV shows available via apps.

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A games console too?

It may also be compatible with games. Interestingly, Amazon has been hiring game developers with experience in Android and iOS development and AAA titles, suggesting that the company is looking to enter the gaming space in a serious way. Could this TV streaming box double as a console?

Re/code claims Amazon is almost ready to unveil the box, and that it could arrive as early as March. We’ll keep our eyes open for more.

[Via Re/code]