This is (almost definitely) the Samsung Galaxy S6

Official leaked render shows off curved screen, complete with Rave Pink glow

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has leaked in numerous forms over the past few weeks, primarily from various case manufacturers showing it off in their wares. But now we have what appears to be an official shot of the handset, and it shows off a curved screen.

The fact that this latest picture was prematurely leaked by T-Mobile USA suggests that this is indeed an official render. While the profile of the device doesn't give a whole lot away, there is definitely a curved screen wrapping around the side of the device, Galaxy Note Edge-style.

Previous rumours have pointed to two separate devices - a Galaxy S6 with a standard flat screen, and an S6 Edge with a curved display. The fact that T-Mobile's leak shows off the curved screen variant suggests that we could potentially see just a single handset with a curved screen.

It's hard to tell much else from the leak, though the position of the power button and physical home buttons can both be easily seen. The photo doesn't show enough to reveal the rear material of the S6 either. It's expected to land with a premium metal body, although recent rumours have pointed to a non-removable back cover and battery.

The Galaxy S6 will be officially unveiled on 1 March on Barcelona, where everything will be settled once and for all. We'll see you right here, where we'll be bringing back all the news from the front lines.