Aesir crafts new luxury phones

Hi-tech touchscreens are everywhere; premium is all about simplicity, fit and finish…

Denmark-based Aesir is taking on the likes of Vertu and Mobiado with its own premium mobile phones.

It's all about craft, apparently, which is why these Aesir YvesBehar phones feature wraparound ceramic upper bodies, sapphire crystal over the screen and a choice of either 18k gold or stainless steel for the keypad and back. The keys are laser-micro-engraved and then lacquered.

As we've come to expect from premium phones, it's also not packing the beefiest of tech. A 2in (non-touch-sensitive) screen, quad-band and, er, not much else. Although the 220-hour standby life is something we'd like from our sub-premium smartphones…

Buy the gold Aesir for €42,000 or the steel version for €7250 from Aesir's online shop.