5 of the best Tokyo Motor Show concept cars

Concept cars give free rein to manufacturers' craziest ideas – here are our favourites from this year's Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota Fun-Vii

The most out-there of the concept cars that Toyota brought to the show, the Fun-Vii lets the driver display their choice of images across the entire exterior and interior of the car. It's also kitted out with augmented reality features, and can sync with nearby vehicles and infrastructure to avoid hazards and connect with friends driving nearby.

Daihatsu FC ShoCase

It's not going to win any awards for aesthetics. Or aerodynamics. But Daihatsu's EV van crams plenty of tech into its boxy frame, including a 35kW solid polymer fuel cell stack (hence the FC), a touch panel steering wheel, side view cameras, an external LED panel and a 60-inch flatscreen telly. Why? The idea is that travellers can use it as a mobile mini-cinema. Which is a bit of a specific requirement for a vehicle, but we'll let that slide.


Honda's all-electric sportster looks like it's escaped from Tron – and it's got the future tech to match. This mini-convertible (it's only 59.1in wide) is meant to echo the feel of Honda's motorcycles, and goes as far as to ditch the steering wheel altogether. Instead, you control it with Honda's Twin Lever Steering system, a pair of joysticks that move forward and back.

Daihatsu D-X

The Daihatsu D-X takes a leaf out of the mobile phone playbook – its body panels are interchangeable, enabling the owner to quickly change the colour and even style of the car. As a motor it's an odd hybrid, borrowing elements from roadsters and mini-SUVs. It's powered by a "efficient and powerful" two-cylinder turbo petrol engine which will be rolled out across the Daihatsu range.

Subaru Advanced Tourer

This rather gorgeous looking sports wagon isn't just a powerhouse, it's environmentally friendly too, packing an all-wheel drive hybrid system combined with a 1.6l direct injection turbo engine. Sadly we doubt that the four gullwing doors will make it to the production model, though.

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