5 of the best steampunk gadgets

Load some industrial era chic into your gadgetry

Penny Farthing £500

Get some practice somewhere quiet before taking your new bike out for a ride in the park, otherwise you’ll look, ahem, farthing ridiculous.

iRetrophone Steampunk £225

Turns your iPhone 4 into the sort of hefty, respectable machine a chap can lift to his face and bellow “what the deuce do you want?” into.

Bioshock Infinite Coming 2012

Bioshock is steampunk in game form, and Infinite’s setting in an airborne dirigible city is straight out of a Stephen Hunt novel.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen from £4

Alan Moore's comic book series, published back in 1999, is a good intro to the steampunk genre. It's set in Victorian England and there's plenty of in-jokes.

Phonofone III $195

This porcelain gramophone/ear-trumpet amplifies your iPhone’s speaker acoustically – like shouting through a traffic cone, only classier.


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