5 of the best Premier League football apps

Keepie uppie with the Premier League action with these iPhone and Android football apps 

Barclays Premier League app iPhone and Android, £Free

This official app from the Premier League's sponsor has something that no-one else does: a Ticket Office contest to win match tickets for your favourite team's games. The usual fare of live text during matches, fixture lists and stats is improved by in-app Facebook chat and augmented reality views of every stadium. But mainly we like the chance to get free tickets.  

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Smash Football iPhone, £0.69 – coming soon to Android

Gentleman on and off the pitch? Taking a cue from Mario Smash Football, this new iPhone game has wild animals running around instead. Each animal has its own power, speed and agility settings and there are 26 levels to play through with bonuses including bananas and boomerangs. Fun if you don't mind wrecking the Beautiful Game.

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Sky Bet iPhone and Android, £Free

If you've used apps like Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre then the Sky Bet app will make you feel right at home parting with your cash. It's not just the EPL at stake, you can bet on over 4,000 events a week – though we recommend cutting that down a touch. Register in-app and Sky will give you a free £10 bet as a welcome gift. See, gambling can be sweet and friendly.

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Learning Football Android, £Free

Upload videos of your pathetic attempts at dribbles and feints to compare to skills simulations and other users' content in an app that has a nice camaraderie feel to it. Now, there's a way to settle with your mates who'd be worth the most millions if it came down to it.

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iFives iPhone, £0.69

There's something about the beginning of a sports tournament that fills up the pitches/rings/courts – everyone forgets they are a complete amateur. And as we said when we first heard about the new iFives app a few weeks ago, you can use it to organise five-a-side games without the usual headache as well as make people feel extra guilty for missing games.

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