5 of the best post-apocalyptic gadgets

The Mayans reckoned the world would end in 2012 – these gadgets should keep you comfy even as the meteors hurtle down

Rampage 6 Rugged Notepad

From US$3000,

The floodwaters may be rising around you, but you'll still want to play Angry Birds Space. The SDG Systems Rampage 6 may be more slab than tab, but it runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread on its 806Mhz processor.

Okay, your apps will crawl along – it's only got 256MB of RAM alongside 4GB flash memory, but unlike the slicker Transformer Prime, you can use the Rampage 6 as a club to fight off hungry cannibals. And it's got IP 7 and IP 5 certification, so neither water nor radioactive dust will work its way into this tablet's casing.

Plus you get plenty of connectivity options, with USB, SD card and Bluetooth support, along with a 3.2MP camera. It's due out later in 2012 – hopefully before the Mayan apocalypse.

Menosunocerouno Just in Case


Mexican branding company Menosunocerouno created this kit with all the home comforts you'll need in the event of armageddon. So you get practical tools like matches, a simple knife and a notebook (for starting fires), as well as a bottle of Xtabentun D’aristi Mayan liqeur and some chocolate, so you can party like it's the End Times.

Voltaic OffGrid solar backpack


You'll want to keep your gadgets and gizmos charged – after all, just because it's the apocalypse, there's no reason why you can't listen to your tunes. Voltaic's OffGrid solar backpack features two 2W solar panels and a 3000mAh battery, with adaptors for five devices. It's got space for a 17in laptop, and you can even detach the solar panel and clip it to another surface if you don't want to lug the bag around.

Gerber Apocalypse Kit


Whether you're building a shelter or hacking your way through the shambling hordes of the living dead, you'll want something with an edge to it.

Gerber's stepped in with this Apocalypse Kit, featuring a frankly alarming set of blades – two machetes, a Parang, a Camp Axe and three knives. You'll be cutting a swathe through zombies and foliage alike in no time.

PowerPot V


Charge your gadgets while you cook up a storm with this combined cooking pot and USB charger. It'll generate 5W when you boil up its contents, and comes with a – thankfully flame-resistant – USB cable.

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