5 of the best in-car gadgets

Here's five of the coolest in-car gadgets for the gadget-loving James Bond wannabe

You might not own an Aston Martin, BMW or Lotus like James Bond, but you can certainly get yourself a few in-car gadgets to satisfy that craving to become a secret agent. Here's a round-up of some of the coolest in-car gadgets on the market.

Handpresso Auto

007 may often look like he has some sort of electromagnetic field around him that keeps all bullets away, but he's still human like the rest of us, which means he gets tired. Fortunately, if he equipped his Jaguar XJ-L seen in Skyfall with a Handpresso Auto, he could cheat sleep with an espresso coffee or two while he drives.

GoPro HD Hero3

Planning on filming a Bond-style car chase? Well, you could opt for an insanely expensive camera or get yourself the new GoPro HD Hero3, which comes with all the mounts you would need to stick the now-smaller camera to your dash or anywhere on the car. If you opt for the Black Edition, up to 4k resolution footage can be filmed, giving you great detail at a reasonable price.

Road Angel Gem

James Bond's file has him down as a talented driver but not the best, which is odd given how incredibly good he is at avoiding the long arm of the law. Anyway, unfortunately for you, points don't mean prizes when driving in the real world so something like the Road Angel Gem and its ability to detect laser cameras and speed cameras becomes incredibly useful when jumping over lakes/going to the shops.

Devium DASH

Why go to all the hassle of linking your phone to a car stereo when you will soon be able to buy a car stereo that, wait for it, uses your phone as your car stereo. Simply pop in your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone smartphone and you can enjoy all your music through your car's speakers. It also allows you to listen to calls via Bluetooth and when you upgrade phone you only need to buy a new faceplate.

Parrot Asteroid Mini

When navigating the streets of some exotic location at 80mph, you don't have time to look down at your phone to make a call. That's where the Parrot Asteroid Mini and its ability to initiate calls with voice comes in. A 3.2-inch display also allows you to download and use apps such as Navigation or TuneIn Radio and you can even search and play music by asking nicely.

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