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5 of the best Grand Theft Auto V trailer Easter Eggs

What clues has Rockstar buried in the Grand Theft Auto V trailer? Find out here

We’ve been poring over the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V – and as always, Rockstar’s buried some hints about the new GTA in there. Here are our favourites.

Grand Theft Auto V – Animal magic

Gone are the static ‘flying rats’ of Grand Theft Auto IV and in their place are fully animated animals. The opening of the trailer shows a couple walking a dog on the beach, and seagulls circling in the sky. Could GTA V’s hero keep a pet? Or walk dogs for money?

There might even be bears and cougars up in the woods, as in Rockstar’s other open-world epic, Red Dead Redemption.

Grand Theft Auto V – Drop top

One little thing that broke the illusion of reality in GTA IV was driving a convertible in the rain and being unable to pop the roof back up. That seems to be a thing of the past – one shot in the GTA V trailer shows a chap lowering the roof of his convertible.

Grand Theft Auto V – Familiar faces?

Fans are poring over the GTA V trailer to determine who the protagonist of the new game is. The smart money’s on this rather dapper-looking gent. And the voiceover suggests that our hero’s an older man lured back into a life of crime.

Could he be Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti? Probably not – the character would be 60-odd by now, and that’s not Ray Liotta’s voice. But maybe he’s GTA III’s silent protagonist Claude Speed?

Grand Theft Auto V – It’s the economy, stupid

From homeless people to migrant labourers and half-completed skyscrapers to house foreclosures, it looks like America’s current economic woes are set to play a big part in the Grand Theft Auto V’s plot. Could our hero be forced back into a life of crime because of financial difficulties?

Grand Theft Auto V – Flying high

Not much of a hidden hint, this one – planes are whizzing about all over the place in the trailer, from crop-dusters to private jets. A highlight of GTA: San Andreas, they were ditched for Grand Theft Auto IV, but look to be making a triumphant return – suggesting that we’re going to be getting a bigger map, to accommodate all that flying around.

There’s also a blimp glimpsed in several scenes – a tenner says there’s a mission set aboard it.

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