5 of the best geek desks

If you had one of these workstations in your office you’d be begging for overtime

Apple iDesk

Adam Benton’s iDesk concept looks like it’s fallen right out of an official Apple design portfolio. Its ability to sync any iOS device by placing it on its touch sensitive surface (which doubles as a trackpad) would be reason enough to drool, but coupled with its sleek looks, the iDesk makes us powerless to resist. Take all our money. Take it now.

Han Solo carbonite desk

Our Star Wars-ometer has just exploded in the face of this magnificent one-off creation by Tom Spina Designs. The beautiful metal and fibreglass construction combined with a heavy glass top radiates an overpowering mixture of evil genius, sleek styling and a big dollop of nerdiness.

DC-4 conference table

Why should you get all the fun? Treat your entire team to a big slice of quirky table shenanigans with this 14ft conference table crafted from aluminium, red LEDs and a DC-4 plane wing. That’s right – an aeroplane wing. In an office. Pricing is available on request from motoart. Who knows? It might be cheap? It won't.

The Nethrone classic workstation

While the Nethrone classic’s appearance falls somewhere in between an operators workstation in the Matrix and Sauron’s dentist chair, it is in fact a highly ergonomic flexible solution to cater you your highest comforts. Yours for a mere US$2,000.

Samsung SUR40 – Microsoft Surface 2.0

Unlike the iDesk concept, this 40in Sammy-made second generation Microsoft Surface table is real (assuming you can afford its £7,000 pricetag). With the ability to recognise more than 50 simultaneous touchpoints and interact with objects placed upon it, the Surface will make your iPad cower in a corner and feel neglected.

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