5 of the best gadgets for cleaning up

Piles of wrapping paper and dirty plates littering the house? Here are some gizmos to speed up the clean up

iRobot Scooba 385

£400, irobot.com

This floor-washing robot, cousin to the Roomba, is no wet blanket – like its robot cleaner siblings, it navigates its way around your house tidying up your mess. 

Unlike the Roomba, the Scooba's designed for hard surfaces, washing your kitchen floor and sucking up its dirty cleaning water as it goes. Perfect for sorting out the aftermath of your Christmas cooking efforts.

Brasso Gadgetcare

£5, waitrose.com

So your younger relatives have been pawing your gadgets and leaving sticky handprints all over them? Not to worry – Brasso's clever cleaning gel will not only polish your gadgets to a fine shine, it leaves a layer of anti-static, smear-preventing silicone that should keep them from getting mucky in future.

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Vac

£220, dyson.co.uk 

Jimmy Dyson does it again, bringing the oomph of his vacuum cleaners to this portable cordless model. Its digital motor spins five times faster than an F1 car engine, ensuring that you're vacuuming up the worst of the dirt. The long-reach wand means you can reach every corner of your room – and for hard-to-shift muck, hit the MAX button for six minutes of super-powered sucking.

Rexel Auto+ 100 shredder

£220, amazon.co.uk

If you're struggling to work out how to dispose of all that wrapping paper, this is the answer. It'll take 150 sheets of paper – staples and paperclips included – and chew them into confetti in 10 minutes flat. And if you need to destroy your credit card after your holiday spending, it can do that, too.

Black & Decker FSM1600 Autoselect Steam Mop

£60, amazon.co.uk 

Blast away the accumulated crud of the holiday season with this steam-powered mop. Just select the surface you're cleaning and it'll work out how much steam to dole out – killing off 99 percent of germs and bacteria, according to Black and Decker. Should have your house spick and span in no time.