5 of the best fans

The coolest ways to keep cool during the current heatwave? No sweat

Praise be! The sun is out in the UK! But soon after the weather takes a turn for the better then out come the moaning minnies complaining about the stifling heat. If you're one of those, cast your eyes over the following: a fine selection of five exceptional fans to put some breeze in your life.

Black+Blum Propello

£80, Black+Blum

The Propello's simple, clean lines are largely in part down to its lack of a guard. The reason? The blades are soft rubber, so you can stick your appendages inside without experiencing what can be euphemistically described as "rapid weight loss". The body is lightweight, strong aluminium.

£150, Amazon

The "world's first fan with a bamboo ring", the Otto has more going for it than just its construction from sustainable materials. This hulking beast sits on your floor and blows industrial levels of air through a room; it's ideal for cavernous loft spaces, and produces less than 70 decibels of noise (the Internet tells us this is the volume of a normal conversation 1.5m away).


From £200, Dyson

As the name suggests, this doesn't produce airflow like a traditional fan. It instead uses a spinning circle to draw in air and amplify it fifteen times. No blades means no danger of injury. You can adjust airflow, tilt the head and make it oscillate. This 10-inch desktop model is the most affordable, but there are bigger floor-standing Air Multipliers for wafting breeze around larger spaces.

£100, Amazon

Looking a little like something you might see bolted on to a 1950s airplane wing, this elegant desktop number doesn't fuss around with tons of features: it's built to last and it shifts air through three aluminium blades at one of three speeds.

Dyson Air Multiplier

£70, Aerial Shack

There's no fancy tech to this 6-inch desk fan – we just like it because it's a piece of retrotastic Americana the likes of which you might see in the office of a down-on-his-luck private detective. Luckily, it was manufactured more recently than the 1940s, so it's fully compliant with all modern safety regulations – no electrocuting yourself if you spill a cup of tea all over your workstation.

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